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Welcome to Beaumont Aftercare!!

Our purpose-built facility was established in 2005 and opened with only 26 learners enrolled for Aftercare – today there are 345 learners in our Aftercare!

Meet the team that makes it all happen in Aftercare!

This dedicated group of ladies work hard each day, ensuring that our Aftercare learners are well fed, cared for, encouraged, disciplined and made to feel secure, safe and above all at home. They also ensure that the learners’ homework is done during their study times.


Back Row Left to Right:
Hetta Visagie (Kitchen), Rochelle Martin (Head Kitchen), Dianne Nicolaides (Grade 4) , Jenni Bird (Grade 1), Patricia Koekman (Kitchen), Renee Stegemann (Grade 3).
Middle Row Left to Right:
Dalou Vorster (Grade 6), Amanda Havinga (Grade 5), Keri Hartung (Manageress), Lyn Rogers (Grade 2), Andy de Vries (Grade 3).
Front Row Left to Right:
Averil Ypma (Grade 7), Samantha Loughton (Grade R), Tracy Perlotto (Grade 1), Zelda Murray (Grade 4), Margi Kukkuk (Grade 2).


When does Aftercare operate?
The Aftercare is open for the learners from 13h00 – 18h00, Mondays to Fridays throughout the school term. When the learners arrive at Aftercare, they sign in on registers and when collected to go home, the parents sign them out. This arrangement ensures good control of the learners’ whereabouts throughout the afternoon. The Aftercare is open during all school holidays, except for 3 weeks over the Christmas and New Year Festive Season. The Aftercare is closed on Public Holidays and when a school holiday forms part of a long weekend.

Meals, Menu and Snack Times
Aftercare learners receive a cooked meal for lunch every day directly after school. The menu follows a 4-week rotation cycle and was carefully set up by a local nutritionist. A variety of sandwiches is also available each day to fill any gaps. Learners receive a snack of a fruit, biscuit or various treats at 16h15 each day and iced tea and fresh water are always freely available.


Study Time
All learners from Grade R to Grade 7 have study time from 15h00 – 16h15 from Monday to Thursday. In Grade R, this is an hour of fun, activities & stories. From Grade 1-3 the learners do their homework one on one and in small groups with their Aftercare supervisor. As much as time allows, homework is normally completed and signed off. From Grade 4-7 study time provides a window of opportunity for learners to sit in a quiet, air conditioned / heated class with supervision and help at hand if necessary.

Grade R – Study Time
We are privileged to have Mrs Carol Govana who is the Grade R assistant in the morning and at Aftercare in the afternoon. She ensures that the Grade R’s in Aftercare have lunch, get to the extra-mural activities and also then prepares an exciting programme just for them during study time. The learners know her well and love to spend time with her.


Co-Curricular Activities
In Grade 1 and 2 the Aftercare parents are given an activity list to complete for each child at the beginning of a new season.
Grade 3-7 learners confirm with each teacher what activities they will be attending. This information is kept and recorded daily in a sport / cultural register. All Aftercare teachers then ensure that each Aftercare learner is sent to the correct venue on time, and with the correct dress and equipment needed for their various co-curricular activities.


Free Time during the afternoon
Younger Aftercare learners have the opportunity to have awesome fun in the Grade R play park during the afternoon. Indoors, Aftercare has super games, toys and books to keep the learners busy during free time.

Friday Fun
There is no study time on a Friday afternoon. Aftercare learners have a fun-filled relaxing afternoon which includes swimming in summer, DVD’s & popcorn on winter days, and monthly Friday Fun Art and Craft workshops.

Holiday Care
Holiday Care is open daily during the school holidays from 07h00 – 18h00. The learners receive breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.
An exciting programme is planned for parts of the day, leaving time for free play and relaxation as well.
Holiday Care is booked and paid for in advance and only for learners who are enrolled in the Aftercare.

Sleepover Fun!
Twice a year, Aftercare hosts a sleepover for the Aftercare learners who are in Grade R – 3. The themed evening begins at 18h00 with exciting outside activities, a yummy supper at 19h30, more indoor fun, and a cosy DVD with a midnight feast before bedtime! The following morning comprises of early outdoor games and the sleepover ends at 09h00 after a scrumptious breakfast.


Aftercare Camps!
Twice a year we take the Aftercare learners in Grades 4-7 away for weekend camps. This is always a super highlight of the year for both the learners and staff. Sleeping in tents, swimming, hiking, fishing, super tubing, 4×4 rides, paintball target shooting, group games and campfire fun all form part of the programme for a much loved weekend.


Aftercare Grade 7 Farewell
At the end of each year, Aftercare hosts an Aftercare Grade 7 Farewell to bid farewell to our Grade 7 learners, who have more than often, been in Aftercare for up to 7 years. This farewell is either in the form of a casual disco, a formal lunch or a formal dinner dance to which the Aftercare Staff join in for a fabulous evening.
Each year more moms are finding the need to have to go back to work. Aftercare is a solution for your child during the afternoon. Learners in Aftercare are well cared for, loved and above all – they love coming to Aftercare.