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Beaumont Primary School has always embraced the importance of art, making this department an integral part of the school. We currently have three dedicated teachers all of whom fully understand and appreciate each child’s creative individuality, which is then brought out within the framework of the CAPS curriculum.

Working in varied mediums such as oil pastels, clay, charcoal and paint, as well as recycled materials, the children are able to express themselves and develop their talents. Hanging up around the school are artworks we have framed which together serve as a permanent exhibit. The children are entered in annual Eisteddfods and are also currently participating in overseas as well as local art exhibitions such as artscape. Yesol Jeong (gr 7 2016) won an award in a competition that was run in Argentina, her work will be exhibited in a national gallery in Argentina in August 2017. Our children also regularly exhibit at Artscape Theatre. In this way, children are encouraged to succeed and enjoy a little healthy competition which helps them strive for excellence as well as building their self-esteem.

We work towards keeping Beaumont’s standards of excellence in the cultural aspects of the school and our goal is to develop children into well rounded individuals who can enjoy the arts as much as they enjoy other school activities.

The art room has enjoyed a wonderful upgrade this year and an extended storeroom and kiln room have been added on which allows for better storage to accommodate for more classes. In addition a new bright and colourful paint job, plus some wonderful hanging mobiles made by the grade 6’s have been added to give it that extra sparkle.


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Award Winner in International Art Competition
Yesol Jeong (2016 Gr 7 Learner)

Beaumont Art Club

Beaumont Art Club has been operating for many years and is a very popular private extra-curricular activity with the children. Lisa Snyman runs the art club and teaches children from grade one through to grade seven. Last year the grade 7’s painted the Angry Birds on the wall at the Spar at Vergelegen. This year they made clay idols for the National Geographic film shoot of Troy which is currently being shot in Cape Town.

Children are encouraged to think out of the box and get to explore various mediums such as plaster-of-paris, papier mache and clay as well as paint, oil pastels, charcoal and much more.

These children learn about composition, design and all the other elements of art in an informal atmosphere having fun while they learn! Children in art club are entered into the annual Eistedfodds as well as other competitions and continue to achieve great results.

Beaumont has a very high standard of art and our goal is to keep this high standard going strong for many years to come!

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Crafter’s Club

A recent addition to the arts & culture is a private crafter’s club where children are able to sew and make crafts with their hands. This is just another outlet for the children to be able to express their creativity.

In such a stimulating, creative environment, your children are able to flourish and develop their own personal strengths and talents.