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Grade 1


Grade 1 Educators

1A1: Mev. Karlien van der Merwe
1E1: Mrs Olivia le Roux
1E2: Mrs Tamryn Roux
1E3: Mrs Carol Murray
1E4: Mrs Dominique Gous
1E5: Mrs Dale Bougas
Gr 1 Assistant: Mrs Belinda Engelke

All about us!!

Our mission in Grade 1 is to create a community of compassionate, innovative, life-long learners who continually strive for excellence. Our aim is to promote an academically rigorous curriculum that values the different interests, learning styles, and abilities of each student.

We believe in:
•Striving for individual excellence.
•Being tolerant and respectful of others.
•Accepting differences in each other and learning to embrace them.
•Showing responsibility by honouring our commitments, working hard and being helpful.
•Respecting our environment by recycling, conserving energy and caring for our eco gardens.


How to prepare your child for Grade 1

We would like your child to be able to do the following by the time they come to Grade 1:
•Write his/her name
•Cut out pictures
•Cut along a line
•Dress and undress himself (buttons, zips)
•Tie shoe laces and make a bow
•Remember his telephone number and address
•Recognise numbers 1-10
•Count to 20
•Correct use of glue stick
•Identify colours and shapes


Some informal activities to help build a solid foundation for Grade 1:

•Counting items, such as buttons, blocks, petals on a flower, fingers, toes, steps etc.
•Counting and doing – count how many steps when walking to the front gate etc.
•Recognise how many items without counting (up to 5) eg. How many apples in a bowl.
•Arrange buttons and beads in different patterns.
•Recognise numbers – informally point to a numeral on a postbox, number plate, phone number.
•Time – Today is .. ; Yesterday was .. ; tomorrow will be ..
•Before and after – say what number comes before and after any numbers up to 10.
•Position – 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.
•Expose your child to money.

•Read to your children EVERY night!
•Expose them to different vocabulary.
•Talk about beginning, middle and end sounds in words.
•Listen to your children and allow time to tell you their stories.
•Eat supper around the table often.
•Learn nursery rhymes and songs.
•Help your child identify rhyming words in stories and poems.
•Go for walks and talk about what you see.

•Expose your child to basic Afrikaans vocabulary.
(Afrikaans is assessed from the 1st term.)

Orientation Day
Should your child be accepted at Beaumont, they will be invited to join us for an orientation morning where they will get to meet their teacher and classmates for the following year. This usually takes place in early November.

DAT ( Didactic Aid Teaching)
Extra lessons in the form of DAT classes are offered to children who are struggling in either English, Afrikaans or Maths. These lessons take place in the afternoons and at no extra cost to the parents. The lessons are offered at the discretion of the teacher after discussion with the parents.

Formal assessments take place twice a term in the form of written, practical and verbal tasks. Continuous assessment also takes place throughout the year. Reports are sent home at the end of each term and parent interviews take place at the discretion of the teacher.

Information Evening
An invitation will be extended to all future Beaumont parents to attend an information evening where you will meet the Grade1 teachers, and be addressed by the headmaster. You will receive information regarding your child’s grade 1 year and what you will need to carry out before the following year.

Grade 1 learners will receive homework Monday-Thursday every week. The homework will be sent home on a pre-typed homework sheet and the whole grade will receive the same homework. Parents are expected to sign the homework sheet daily and work through the homework with their children. Parents who send their children to aftercare must still sign the homework sheet as there are often messages there for the parents benefit.

The Grades 1’s go on four educational outings to complement the curriculum during the year.

•Term 1 – Aquarium
•Term 2 – Visits from people w ho help us in our community ( Dentist, Fire department, Doctors, Paramedics etc.)
•Term 3 – Artscape – Kipper show
•Term 4 – Butterfly world