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Grade 2


Grade 2 Educators

2A1: Mev. Marieke Brockman
2E1: Mrs Darlene Galloway
2E2: Miss Bronwen van den Berg
2E3: Mrs Carol Viljoen
2E4: Miss Janine Rautenbach
2E5: Mrs Gail Murphy
Assistant: Kathryn Agar

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Grade 2

This grade is made up of five English classes and one Afrikaans class.
It is important to remember that Grade 2 learners:
•Are developing more independence at this stage.
•Have the confidence to be dropped off at school and make their own way to the classroom.
•Feel secure in their knowledge and understanding of the school environment.


Overview of the themes for the year:
•Term One:  What we need to Live, Myself and Others, Everyone is Special, Healthy Living, Religious Days and Special Days

•Term Two:  Seasons, Farm Animals and Wild Animals, Animals that live Under Water, Animal Homes, Religious Days and Special Days

•Term Three:  Soil, Transport, Road Safety, People Who Help Us, Religious Days and Special Days

•Term Four:  Our Country, Ways that we Communicate, Life at Night, Religious Days and Special Days

Extra Lessons:
Extra lessons (DAT) are available to learners for help in English and Afrikaans (Home Language) as well as in Maths. The class teacher will advise the parents if the child should attend these lessons. DAT takes place once a week. The work that was taught in class for the week is covered again by the DAT teacher.


Formal assessment is carried out twice a term, usually in week 5 and week 8. Reports / records are sent home on the last school day of each term. Continuous assessment also plays a big part in our ongoing assessment. It is very important that parents take note of our assessment weeks and plan accordingly as we expect all learners to be present during these formal assessment weeks.

Learners are provided with a homework page per week. We teach the Grade Two\’s that they are responsible for their own homework. Parents encourage their children to develop the habit of applying themselves to their homework on a daily basis.

All our outings are designed to coincide with the themes covered during a specific term. This allows our learners to have hands on experience with the learning material and themes dealt with.

Term One: Helderberg Nature Reserve
Term Two: Cape Town Stadium and Eco Park
Term Three: The Artscape Theatre
Term Four: Rosen Castle to learn about Our Town


On Track:
On Track stands for tolerance, respect, acceptance, caring and kindness. The learners at Beaumont Primary School continue to uphold the values they have been taught since Grade one. We award On Track badges at every assembly. Learners who are making an effort to live by the On Track code receive a badge which they wear for the week.

Beaumont Values:
Beaumont also focuses on instilling a strong sense of values in our learners. Some of the values we teach and encourage overlap with the values already covered in our On Track drive. They are: Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Humility, Integrity, Tolerance, Commitment and Co-operation. Our hope is that parents will also encourage these values in their homes.