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Grade 4


Grade 4 Educators

4A1: Mev. Jolene Smit
4A2: Mev. Lizette Fourie
4E1: Ms Edna Ytier
4E2: Mrs Nicola Weiss
4E3: Mrs Tinky George
4E4: Miss Shani Khan
4E5: Mrs Marize Lategan

This is the year where the learners start to unfold their wings and fly.
The foundations have been laid in the junior phase and the building starts.
It\’s a year of many changes and challenges and the mission of Grade 4 is to ease the learners into their new learning areas, to help them to manage their time with their increased workload and to wean them off their dependence of the teacher and take ownership of their academic responsibilities.


•Languages (English and Afrikaans)
•Natural Sciences and Technology
•Social Sciences (History and Geography)
•Life Skills (Personal Well-being, Performing and Visual Arts and Physical Education)


The learners are encouraged to write down their own homework, in doing so it helps them to pack in the books they need at home. The amount of homework will vary daily, but we encourage learners to practise their times tables and reading every day.

All outings have been carefully planned to fit in with the learner\’s development and the curriculum. We believe that learning doesn\’t only take place within the classroom walls and the outings have all proved to be a great success.

•Term 2 – SOS Camp
•Term 3 – Stellenbosch Museum
•Term 4 – Beach Clean-up.