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Grade 7


Grade 7 Educators

7A1: Mnr. Arno Minnie
7E1: Mr Wentzel Burger
7E2: Mr Bernie Savage
7E3: Mrs Mollie Smuts
7E4: Miss Marguerite de Wet
7E5: Mr Gareth Rudolph

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In the Senior Primary Phase the learners are provided with opportunities to acquire, develop and apply a range of more advanced knowledge, understanding and skills. There is a strong emphasis on the growth and development of each learner as an individual.
We strive to create an environment where each student is given the necessary attention to achieve according to their potential.

In Grade 7 it is important to remember that:
•Learners are becoming increasingly independent and should take more responsibility for their own learning.

•They are becoming more aware of their own interests and should be encouraged to participate in all activities offered to them.

•They continually respond to the reactions of others so their appearance and behaviour need to be constantly monitored in this department.

•Peer influence plays an important role in their social development.


Overview of subjects for the year

Term 1
•Maths – Whole numbers; exponents; geometric shapes
•English 1- English 1- Listening and speaking; reading and viewing; writing and presenting; language structures
•English 11- Our stories; language of feelings; voices from Africa; friends and relationships
•Afrikaans 1- Graad sewe laat my bewe
•Afrikaans 11- Praat; luister; skryf; taal
•N.S- Life and Living
•Geography – Map skills
•History- The Kingdom of Mali and the city of Timbuktu in the 14th centuryy
•L.O – Development of self
•E.M.S – History of money; needs and wants; goods and services; businesses
•Technology – Mechanical systems and control


Term 2
•Maths – Fractions, functions; relationships; area and perimeter; surface area;
•English 1- Listening and speaking; reading and viewing; writing and presenting; language structures
•English 11- Laughter; News; Instructions for life; dramatically speaking
•Afrikaans 1- Ontdek jouself
•Afrikaans 11- Praat; luister; skryf; taal
•N.S – LMatter and materials
•Geography – Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods.
•History – The transatlantic slave trade
•L.O- Constitutional rights and responsibilities
•E.M.S- Financial Literacy and Accounting concepts; income / expenses; budgets
•Technology- Structures

Term 3
•Maths – Patterns; functions and relationships; algebra; graphs; geometry; transformations.
•English 1- Listening and speaking; reading and viewing; writing and presenting; language structures
•English 11- Collecting info; Sport and leisure; Dancing through literature
•Afrikaans 1- Drome en dromers
•Afrikaans 11- Praat; luister; skryf; taal
•N.S – Energy and change
•Geography – Population growth and change
•History – Colonisation of the Cape
•L.O- Health, social and environmental responsibility
•E.M.S- Entrepreneurs; starting a business; inequality and poverty
•Technology- Electrical systems and control


Term 4
•Maths – Integers; patterns, functions and relationships; algebra; data handling and probability
•English 1- Listening and speaking; reading and viewing; writing and presenting; language structures
•English 11- Power of words; Technology; Communicating; Look back, look ahead
•Afrikaans 1- Diere en hul dinge
•Afrikaans 11- Praat; luister; skryf; taal
•N.S – Earth and beyond
•Geography – Natural resources and conservation
•History – The Cape colony frontiers
•L.O- Development of the self in society. Health issues
•E.M.S- The production process; savings
•Technology- Processing / bias in and impact of technology
Please note. Each learner is required to have a portfolio at school where they file all the tests written during the term as well as anything else of importance. It is the learner’s responsibility to keep this portfolio up to date.

Extra Lessons (DAT)
Extra lessons (DAT) are available to all Grade 7 learners in Maths, English and Afrikaans at a minimal fee. The lessons take place after school hours on specific afternoons. Enquires should be addressed to Mrs Jonker. (Gr 7E4)
Learners are evaluated continually in the form of formal and informal assessments. Certain tasks could be incidental or could count towards the term mark as a formal assessment. Learners will be told timeously of test dates, and these can also be found in the term planner and on the communicator.
The learners will also be informed well in advance about tasks to be completed and the due dates for these can be found on the website.
Learners who fail to hand in tasks timeously will be penalized, which could result in failure in that specific learning area. Please refer to the Beaumont academic policy.
In term 1 and 2 tasks are done in class during academic time, but in term 3 and 4 tasks are done at home in order to develop various skills in preparation for high school.

NOTE: The minimum requirements for a successful Grade 7 year are as follows: English and Maths respectively: 40% Second Language: 36% and in 6 other learning areas: 40%


A minimum of one hour per day is prescribed for Grade 7. The writing down and the completion of homework is the learner’s responsibility. The teachers will have the homework written on the board. Any learner who fails to do homework will receive a level 1 time-out.


‘Choices’ presents a life skills programme based specifically on healthy sexuality. This programme will be presented to our Grade 7’s over a period of six to seven weeks in the 3rd term. The presentation is designed to shape sensible attitudes towards sexuality among teens by:
•Promoting parent/teen communication
•Teaching reliable information about sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS
•Encouraging self-respect and the postponement of sexual activity until marriage.


The Grades 7’s go on four educational outings to complement the curriculum during the year. The following outings have been planned:
•Term 1: Kalk Bay, Rocky Seashore.
•Term 2: Cape Town Science Centre.
•Term 3: Table Mountain.
•Term 4: Hout bay.


Lockers are available to our Grade 7’s at a cost of R100 a year, first come first served.
Learners to provide their own locks and are responsible for the upkeep and utilisation as stipulated in the rules communicated to them.


Beaumont Primary’s motto is ‘UT PROSIM’ which means ‘In order to serve.’ The Grade 7’s live out this motto every year by supporting the Lucky Lucy Foundation which is a non-profit organization that takes in and looks after destitute animals. We encourage the children to bring dog or cat food in the 4th term and also hold a “dancethon” in order to raise much needed funds for this worthy cause /organization. www.luckylucy.org


Admission to High schools
Please note that it is the parent’s responsibility to choose a high school for your child and to make the necessary application for admission. Please be proactive in this department as many High Schools have different closing dates for applications. The documentation required for application can be found on most of the schools’ websites or can be obtained at the Open Day of the particular high school. All the high schools will require that a confidential report be filled in and sent to them. Please note that the class teacher fills in this report and Beaumont then sends this report to the high school. The parent does not see this report. The high schools will also require the last term Grade 6 report as well as the first term Grade 7 report. Please make sure that you keep a copy of your child’s report as the school will charge an admin fee if a copy of either of these reports is requested

It is a tradition at Beaumont to present the Grade 7’s with a special jacket to distinguish them from the rest of the school. These are our jackets for 2016. The Grade 7’s look very smart and they themselves are very excited to be wearing them. The jacket with the white in them is the general jacket every grade 7 learner gets. The jacket with the yellow in them is only for our prefects.


Head prefects


Headboy: Jack Vlismas
Headgirl: Daniella Farrer


Mr. Reddell with our Head Prefects


Deputy Headboy: Jordan Swanepoel
Deputy Headgirl: Hanna van Zyl

Grade seven farewell
As is tradition at Beaumont our Grade 7’s are invited to a spectacular farewell at the end of the year as a parting gift by the parents and school. Every year there is a different theme as voted for by the learners in Grade 7. This is always one of the highlights of the year.


The Grade 7’s strive to uphold the Beaumont values.