Our Beaumont Athletics program is open to all our learners and we encourage and believe in mass participation. At the end of each year all our learners are given the opportunity to try all the athletics events, for their specific age groups, in our annual Beaumont Mass Program. The program is the start of our sifting process during school time to ensure that all learners get an opportunity to participate. It is the build up to our Interhouse Athletics Meeting which is held at the beginning of the following year on our sports field.

After our Interhouse Meeting, we participate in our annual triangular Intershcools against De Hoop and Lochnerhof. We also compete in various competitions over the Cape Town region through the summer sport season. Our athletes achieve excellent individual results at these meetings.

Beaumont presents the “Welpie” athletics meeting for Foundation Phase learners annually, which sees more than 12 primary schools attend yearly and gives our younger learners a wonderful chance to take part in a big event.

We use outside coaches to assist our internal coaches with the coaching of some of our athletics events.

We are proud of our athletes who participate annually at higher levels. We often have athletes who represent Western Province at the Western Cape championship. We regularly have athletes who represents the Western Cape team at the National Championship and have had athletes compete in their finals and win the National Championship.