Beaumont Fundraising Committee (BFC)

The Fundraising Committee  strives to promote the financial sustainability of Beaumont Primary School. As such, it is a sub-committee of the Financial Committee and operates in close collaboration with the Governing Body in terms of objectives achieved. We strive to uphold our school motto UT PROSIM which means, “In order to serve”.

The Fundraising Committee meets on a monthly basis where various events and strategies are debated and discussed. We have a dedicated team of men and women who are passionate about enhancing our fantastic school.

The Fundraising Committee members  are:
• Gerhard Engels (Chairperson representative)
• Matthew Meldau (Golf Day)
• Michelle Farrer (Liaison Parent Representative, Soap Box)
• Kim Mare (My School)
• Natalie Moffitt (Recycling)
• Roxanne Meldau (Cake Sale)
• Bernie Savage (Teacher Representative)
• Trish Rautenbach (Governing Body Representative / Secretary)
• Eslo Minnie (Sports Co-coordinator)
• Trevor Michael (Supporters Initiative)

The many liaison parents provide ongoing support to the Fundraising Committee – they enable the BFC to accomplish many of their goals!