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Grade 6

Grade 6

Grade 6 Educators

6A1: Mev. Natalie du Plessis
6E1: Mrs Quinta Fourie
6E2: Mrs Heidi Seele
6E3: Mrs Zanè Page
6E4: Mr Garth Louw
6E5: Mrs Rebecca Bubb

Important Information:

Admission to High School
Grade 6 is a very important year with regards to applying for admission to High School. When applying for a High School at the beginning of Grade 7, the relevant High School will require a copy of the learners’ report for term 1 in Grade 7, as well as a copy of their Grade 6 report. It is therefore of the utmost importance that all tasks and tests done this year, are done to the best of your child’s ability. Also ensure that you keep a copy of your child’s report at the end of Grade 6 for application purposes.

A great deal of focus is placed on leadership during Grade 6. Prefects are chosen at the end of the year, after a thorough, transparent process, involving; the learners themselves, educators, sport coaches and any other group of people who have had interactions with these learners during the year. Those who are selected to be part of the prefect body, are expected to set an example to their fellow learners, influencing them to achieve their best.
To be chosen as a prefect on Primary School level is a great honour. However, for many learners, leadership only develops at a later stage in their life. Therefore not being selected as a prefect is not a reflection of their future leadership potential.

Extra lessons
Extra lessons (DAT) are available to all Grade 6 learners in Maths, English and Afrikaans. The lessons take place after school hours on specific afternoons. Enquires should be addressed to Mrs Fourie (Gr6E1), Mrs Seele (Gr6E2) or Mrs Schneider (Remedial Department).


Term 1: Helderberg Nature Reserve.

Term 2: Woolworths (Waterstone Village).

Term 3: Cape Heart Museum.

Term 4: True North (Grabouw).