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Music Tuition

The mission of the Music Department is to put learners in contact with music in such a way that they will associate music as a natural medium of expression and communication. It is essential to cultivate an attitude of interest, love and appreciation for music as a discipline.

The main objective of music, is making it a way of expression and communication in order to obtain enjoyment by the players and the potential listeners. The satisfaction of social music-making by singing in a choir, or playing in a recorder or string ensemble could be enjoyed from the very beginning of music-making throughout life! Learning to play a musical instrument is an acquired skill that will always demand dedication and the discipline of practicing in order to obtain satisfaction.

The policy of Beaumont Primary’s Music Department is to assist learners in their endeavors to be able to continue with music tuition in high school, if they would wish to do so. A number of Beaumont Primary’s past learners have chosen to study music as a career, qualified as music educators, hold posts in the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra; have obtained overseas music scholarships or maintain music careers overseas.

Instrumental learners perform regularly at old age homes as part of the school’s community awareness.

Presently Beaumont has four music educators. Arts and Culture is taught to all learners from Grade 4-7. Individual tuition is offered in piano.

Group tuition is available in recorder and violin, as well as the String and Recorder Ensembles. Depending on the progress in group classes, learners are selected to receive individual tuition. When a vacancy for tuition arises, preference is usually given to new learners who received instrumental tuition before. An audition will be required to assess the level of playing.

To apply for music tuition, parents need to download and print an application form from the server. The completed form is then handed in at the office. The applications will be dealt with by members of the music staff.


All of us are not born to be famous sportsmen or academic achievers, but we are often blessed with other talents that we could share with others throughout our lives. Achieving in music is not the only goal. Performing to the best of the learner’s ability in the instrument of their choice, or participating in choir singing, all contribute towards our self-esteem and self-management. The discipline of studying an instrument with devotion, prepares us for academic challenges in preparation for future careers. Ensemble-playing on any instrument develops teamwork in the workplace from an early stage.

Recorder, piano and violin learners are enrolled annually for UNISA practical and theory examinations, as well as Eisteddfods, consistently obtaining excellent results.

Beaumont Primary Junior choir 2017

Choir master: Sandra Odendaal

Accompanist: Tersia le Roux

Beaumont Junior choir consist of Gr 2 and Gr 3 learners. The choir has 61 choristers this year and they all love to sing. The Junior choir practice twice a week. On Tuesdays from 07:15 – 08:00 and Thursday afternoons from 16:00 – 17:00.

We like to perform in Eisteddfods and other concerts and this is what we achieved this year so far.

21 April 2017 – Music concert with Belville High school choir and orchestra – Beaumont school Hall

For the last couple of years we have a concert with Belville High school in Beaumont’s school hall. This year all the choirs performed 2 songs and we did “My Fair Lady “ as a mass item with the orchestra. It was a night to remember and parents enjoyed it very much

13 May 2017 – Stellenbosch Choir Eisteddfod

The Eisteddfod took place at the Endler hall in Stellenbosch. We entered the Junior choir in 2 categories. Sacred and Own choice. The Junior choir received a Silver + in the sacred category and a Gold in the “Own choice “ category.

17 August 2017 – Helderberg Eisteddfod – Beaumont school hall

The Junior choir had to perform 3 songs. Mr Awie v. Wyk and his daughter Mabet v. Wyk were the adjudicators. We performed against 6 other choirs and we received a Gold + 87%. We are the Certificate winners of the Helderberg Eisteddfod with the highest average.

30 August 2017 – Choir festival with Loki Rothman and Harim Koopman – Curro Sitari

Both Junior and Senior choir are invited to sing at this festival. As part of Musaic’s business philosophy they started a programme whereby they use choir singing to bridge cultural barriers between children and to unite them through singing. Oklahoma Primary, Macassar Primary will be singing also at this event and our 2 choirs will be singing “you got a friend in me” from Toy Story as a mass choir item. The concert is also a fundraiser for Curro Sitari school and tickets were sold at R80 p/ p.

Junior Koor1 Junior Koor2