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D6 School Communicator
The School Communicator is the main communication tool between the school and Beaumont parents and is used for all announcements, sport updates, reminders and general circulars where no reply slip is required. It provides parents with invaluable information ranging from the term planner to co-curricular activities and useful resources such as study tips, community outreaches, fundraising initiatives and information from the Headmaster’s office. The inception of the Beaumont Classifieds is an opportunity to advertise relatively inexpensively among Beaumont parents.

To download the School Communicator:

1. Go to www.school-communicator.com/downloads or click on the D6 Communicator picture below.
2. Select School Downloads.
3. Select South Africa on the drop down menu.
4. Type in Beaumont Primary School.
5. Select Windows or Mac version.
6. Follow the prompts.

 The Communicator is also available for other devices, see the Communicator website for more details.