At Beaumont, we believe that all learners possess leadership qualities waiting to be developed. Like any set of skills, leadership is developed through practise, repetition and mentoring until they grow in confidence and master it through the choices they make. ​As a leader, one enjoys a greater sense of responsibility while achieving both personal and school related goals and objectives. Our leaders learn how to earn the respect, esteem, and support of the people around them.

Beaumont offers various leadership programmes to our senior learners.

Grade 6 leadership programme:

  1. Junior monitors
  2. STEAM Lab monitors
  3. Cub Hub monitors
  4. Lost Property monitors
  5. Sandwich Drive monitors
  6. Functions and Event monitors
  7. Eco monitors
  8. Recycling monitors
  9. Library monitors

Grade 7 leadership programmes:

  1. The Beaumont Student Council
  2. The Headmasters’ Award
  3. The First Aid Team​
  4. The Sports Leaders​
  5. The Sound Team